Tiny Cameras with their advantages, features, and specifications

12/03/2013 11:10

Cameras are the best for capturing moments. Clicking pictures and taking snaps help you captures special and unique moments. There are many people who love clicking pictures and snaps. People who are fond of photography used to have knowledge about cameras. Nowadays, hidden cameras are also been used in many public places, shops, and shopping malls to keep an eye on the happenings inside. Both the cameras whether for clicking photographs and recording video has their own features.

About the cameras that are tiny

There are many companies that are coming up with the Tiny Cameras. These cameras are a symbol of technical advancement. It is technology that has made this invention possible. The features or the advantages that these cameras posses are as follows:

  • Eco-friendly – these cameras are eco-friendly as because they need very less time to get charged. Therefore the electricity consumption is less. Moreover, there are batteries that are solar so you can charge the batteries in sunlight as well.
  • Touch screen – These cameras are technically sound and the complete operation is based on touch screen. Therefore, these cameras would definitely be easy to handle.
  • Sleek Design – These cameras have an attractive look as they have a flat screen. These flat screen make these cameras appear as a touch screen mobile phone or even as a tab.
  • Huge Memory – These cameras generally have an in-built memory of certain MB and you can add a memory card to the camera and click on thousands of photos without any worry or tension.
  • Easy to handle – These cameras are very easy to handle as the complete operation is based on touch screen. You need not to remember any button on function you can operate them very easily.
  • Easy to carry – These cameras as the name suggest are tiny and hence need very less space while packed. These cameras will hardly take any space in your travel bag. Moreover, you can even carry them into your side bag as they are very light in weight.

About the Hidden Video Cameras

The cheap wireless hidden video camera is easily available in the market. These video cameras are highly useful for security purposes. These cameras can be easily fit in any solid surface. These video cameras are highly useful for investigation purposes. The best part of these hidden video cameras is that only their lens is camouflaged.

Features and design of the Hidden video camera

The features that these video cameras possess are uncomplicated and simple. The useful features that these cameras have are overwriting of the memory, motion detection, and time-stamped recordings. The memory that these cameras have is huge and is enough to record a whole working day.

Specifications of the Hidden Video Cameras

  • Continuous recording for 72 hours with adjustable speed of Recording,
  • Different Recording Quality – Standard, medium, and high
  • Two recording modes – 320X240 or 640X480
  • Motion Detection Sensor
  • Time-Stamped and Date Footage available for Reference,
  • Full color video recordings and pictures
  • Motion Detection or Continuous recording

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