Android Tablets Are A Competitive Force On The Market

16/03/2013 16:50

Every year technology, progresses in a more positive and useful direction. This year we may be happy with the technology that we have today, but next year we may see something that we like better and want to trade in our old technology for the new and updated version. That is what is going on in the tablet world. First it was the Apple iPad that everyone wanted to get their hands on. It was a technology that no one had seen before but everyone wanted to experience. Its technology that allowed you to do so many different things like take pictures, SKYPE, play 3D video games, use as a regular computer, and much more. It doesn’t matter whether you were a 5 year old child or a 70 year old adult, everyone was taking advantage of this great new technology that hit the market.
Android Tablets Are Competitive
The problem was where was the competition? This new technology was what everyone had to have, but it didn’t have any competition which resulted in the Apple iPad being more expensive. That is when the android tablets came out and started to be a competitive force that had to be reckoned with. The Android offered some competitive things. The Android offered virtually the same application availability that Apple iPads offered from a free market that both of them offered. Both tablets looked similar so unless you are a person who really knows about technology you may not see that the Android is not the iPad at the first glance. The main difference is that the tablets from the Android can be manufactured by any company that supports Google. This is what makes tablets from the Android so powerful. You will have some manufactures that do a better job than others, but ultimately you will be able to get a more vast selection of tablets that are Androids.
Another good thing about the tablets that are Androids is that you can find cheap android tablets and laptops, where as, a real Apple iPad will run you the same amount because there is only one manufacture. Tablets from Android have come a long ways since the first tablet was put on the market by Motorola. Androids have Nooks, Samsung Galaxy, Asus Eee Pad Transformer, and much more. Tablets that are Androids come out all the time and they are able to compete with the iPad with the price, size, and upgrades. Android makes it more convenient for programmers to create different applications for the tablets that are Androids. So even though that Apple is winning the war on applications now, in the near future there is most likely going to be many applications that are made just for android devices such as tablets.
Having a tablet that is an android is something that many people are turning to. This makes it conveniently smart for wholesale tablet PC to be sold and distributed in to the market that will gladly embrace what they have to offer.

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